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We Recycle the Best Quality Plastics into Durable Products!

We are taking pro-active steps in reducing waste and protecting our planet.

  • We promote recycling;
  • Manufacture repairable products;
  • Collect rain water for all the Emax Plastics Plant’s water needs;
  • We recycle our waste;
  • Add natural charcoal for the black floats & spill containment trays;
  • And we use natural gas

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Exploring the World of Recycled Plastics

Understanding Recycled Plastic

Plastic is everywhere in our modern lives, thanks to its low cost and flexibility. It’s used in countless products, but it has a big problem: plastic doesn’t break down naturally and can stick around for a whopping 1,000 years. The answer to reducing plastic’s harm to our environment and lightening the load on landfills and oceans is recycling. Recycled plastic starts as used plastic, gets thoroughly cleaned, and is turned into small pellets. These pellets can then be used to make a wide range of plastic products.

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The Alarming Scale of Plastic Waste

Plastics create a worldwide environmental issue. Our oceans, once thriving with life, have become a dumping ground for plastic and other human-made garbage. Unfortunately, this problem is not going away. But there are many ways for individuals to reduce their plastic impact. You can start by recycling diligently and making eco-conscious choices. For instance, using fabric bags instead of plastic ones at the market and switching from disposable water bottles to reusable thermos bottles filled with filtered water are great steps.

Recycled Plastic: A Catalyst for Change

Plastic is a global environmental problem. Our oceans, once full of life, are now filled with plastic and human-made waste. Sadly, this issue persists. Thankfully, there are numerous ways for individuals to lessen their plastic footprint. It begins with being a responsible recycler and making eco-friendly choices. For example, using cloth bags instead of plastic ones at the market and switching from disposable water bottles to reusable thermos bottles filled with filtered water are excellent choices.

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The Future of Plastic Recycling

Global plastic production keeps growing, with more than 360 million metric tons produced each year. But there’s a ray of hope. New studies suggest that recycled plastics might offer a valuable source of sustainable energy. There are ongoing initiatives to cut down on plastic use, encourage recycling, and promote eco-friendly practices to reduce the harmful impact of plastic pollution. As consumers of plastic products, we have the power to guide our planet toward a more sustainable and environmentally aware future.

Getting Involved and Making a Difference

Using recycled plastics can help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and cut down on landfill waste. To fully realize these benefits, it’s essential for more companies to embrace recycled materials. At Emax Plastics, we’ve committed to using recycled LLDPE in our floats and spill trays since 2018, and we’re dedicated to continuing this environmentally friendly practice indefinitely.
When you’re grocery shopping, think about using reusable bags and cutting down on single-use plastics. If you do use plastic, try to reuse it, and ensure it gets recycled when you’re done with it. This is more than just a choice; it’s a way of life, a mindset, and a shared responsibility.


Thank you for joining hands with Emax Plastics. Together, we can contribute to a greener world.

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