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The Wabamun Marina designed 3 long docks to harbor multitudes of boats.  They used 400 of our Mooring Screw Anchors to secure their Marina.

Anchoring does more than secure floating docks

Here is a Floating Water Park anchored with Mooring Screw Anchors

anchoring system to secure a floating water park

And this is a floating plane anchored on the waters to allow for added security

anchoring system to secure a float plane

Anchors Aweigh!!!

Anchoring a floating dock, buoy or your favorite floating toy is crucial to ensure its stability and safety.  The provided information highlights some important considerations and options for anchoring.  If you are unsure of which anchor(s) to use or if you are attempting a large commercial venture, be sure to consult a professional engineer.

Types of Anchors

  • Bracket and Post Stabilization
  • Pilings and Pile Brackets
  • Marine Mooring Screw Anchors

Bracket and Post Stabilization

This method involves using brackets and posts to secure your floating dock.  It’s a traditional and reliable way to anchor a dock, especially in areas with relatively stable water conditions. 

Pilings and Pile Brackets

Pilings are wooden or steel posts driven into the ocean floor, lake bottom, etc. to anchor the dock.  Hoops must be added for extra stability, depending on the size of the piling.  This method is suitable for areas of varying water depths and tidal fluctuations.  See our Marine Hardware page for custom sized hoops and sleeves.

Marine Mooring Screw Anchors

floating dock illustration

The Marine Mooring Screw Anchor is a specific anchoring system sold separately through Emax Plastics.  It consists of an anchor and an installation tool.  This system is designed to provide secure anchoring and is versatile for various conditions.  For a customized dock corner, we have corners with anchor tabs attached.  We also have individual anchor tabs.

Considerations for Anchoring

Take these into consideration before anchoring

  • Local Regs
  • Weather
  • Water Depth
  • Water Patterns
  • Dock Users

Local Regulations

Ensure that you comply with local regulations and permit requirements for dock anchoring.


Be prepared for various weather conditions, including storms and high winds.

Water Depth

The depth of the water where your dock is placed will determine the appropriate anchoring method.  

Water Fluctuation

Account for water level fluctuations, which can affect the stability of your dock.  Understand the wave and current patterns in your location.

Dock Users

Consider the intended use of the dock and the traffic it will receive.

Protecting your floating dock with boat dock anchors is essential to prevent it from drifting or getting damaged in adverse conditions. These anchors are designed to hold the dock in place in a freshwater lake environment even during significant water movement, including storms and fluctuating water levels.  Consult a professional engineer for use in rapid rivers and ocean environments.

Due to the shipping cost factors, Emax Plastics only provides the marine mooring screw anchor and anchor installation tool (shown in diagrams below).  The complete mooring anchor kit is also an option we provide for offshore anchoring.  Another service we provide is custom built outside side brackets to accommodate any size pile.  Give us a call so we can accomodate your needs.

Mooring Screw Anchors, Anchor Kits & Installation Tools

Mooring Screw Anchors

This Mooring Screw Anchor system is designed to provide secure anchoring for floating docks and is versatile for various conditions. These are 4, 5 and 6 foot screws.
All screws are 6” double flight with a 1-1/8” round stock shaft.

Mooring Screw Anchor Installation Tool

A two-piece set, allows you to easily reach the desired depth to install the mooring screw anchors. They are available in 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 foot long bars depending on the depth of the water.

Complete Off-Shore Mooring Anchor Kit

This kit is used to secure boats off the beach or lakeside. We offer the most popular sizes of 4ft and 5ft anchor kits. These kits are used for mooring boats off shore depending on the lake bottom (see illustration below).

Illustration of an Off Shore Anchoring Kit

complete anchor tool kit illustration

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