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The Navigation Buoy: A Guide for Boating

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Hey there, fellow mariners! Wondering what makes our navigation buoy stand out? We’ve got an awesome video that’ll show you why AquaMax marker buoys are the talk of the sea! These aren’t just any marker buoys; they’re the pinnacle of navigation genius, guiding you safely through the waters. Don’t just take our word for it – dive in and see for yourself!

Navigation Buoy

At Emax Plastics, we have developed this Coast Guard Approved Navigation Channel Marker Buoy for use in our freshwater lakes to mark off swimming areas.  However, the buoys work well in:

  • Salt Water
  • Rivers
  • Ponds
  • Coves

With a full 36″ of freeboard, this buoy is visible from a far distance, warning  boaters well in advance of specific cautions or dangers.   These buoys are specially designed for longevity, visibility, functionality and storability.  Easy to transport!   Option to purchase decals (below).

Included with each order, you will get three pieces. 

  • The top portion of the buoy
  • The bottom portion of the buoy (the ballast tube) and,
  • An eyebolt. 

The top section of the buoy is completely sealed and is watertight.  It has a sealed hole to receive the eyebolt that will hold the ballast tube and attach it to the anchor.  The eyebolt will attach the ballast tube to the main buoy and to the anchor.  The anchor (not included) should be attached to the buoy using a 3/16″ chain with a length of approximately twice the depth of the water that the buoy will be floating in.  You will also need a carabiner clip to attach the anchor chain to the buoy eyebolt.

The top portion and the ballast are rotationally molded parts manufactured with white polyethylene.  The color is constant so scratches will not ruin its appearance or performance.  With different colors or markings, they can be produced to handle different applications such as speed limit, danger, etc. 

For first use, fill the ballast tube 1/2 to 3/4 full of whatever materials you have available, i.e. sand, pebbles, rocks, etc.  Reinstall the eye bolt.  The tube will then fill with water when placed in the lake or water source.  Because of the high mounting point the ballast acts as a pendulum.  Even in harsh weather, the buoy stays vertical at all times.  

(Always check with the local agency governing your waterway before installing any navigational water aids).

These specially designed navigational channel marker buoys

  • Lightweight, only 14 pounds 
  • Are 72” tall and has an  11” diameter

Fill the ballast with rocks at location to save on back breaking cement weights.

  • Special design keeps the buoy upright and highly visible. 
  • Rotationally molded, no seams.  
  • Easy clean up, storage and transport.  
  • Colored Buoys are same price but require a minimum order of 10.

Note: 10 Units of any color or any order receives a discount !!!

The Adventurous World of Water: Navigating with Buoys

Embark on a thrilling boating adventure where navigating through the waterways becomes an exhilarating experience, thanks to the indispensable role of navigation buoys. These buoys, more than mere markers, are the unsung heroes of the aquatic realm, guiding boaters through navigable waters with precision and safety.

Imagine yourself on a boat, steering through the glistening waters. As you cruise, your eyes catch the bright red and green buoys, bobbing like vigilant sentinels. These buoys are not just about safety; they’re part of your adventure, guiding you through the unknown, ensuring each journey is as exciting as it is safe.

For fishing enthusiasts, these buoys are akin to treasure maps. They mark spots where the water teems with fish, promising an exciting fishing quest. 

In the world of boat cruises, navigation buoys add an element of discovery. Each buoy you pass could signify a new area to explore, a hidden cove, or a scenic spot perfect for a tranquil pause. They ensure your cruise is not just a journey on water, but a voyage of discovery.

Boating safety is paramount, and here, navigation buoys play a crucial role. They are the guides that keep you away from dangers, ensuring that your adventurous spirit doesn’t lead you into troubled waters. Understanding the language of these markers is essential for every boater, turning each trip into a safe yet exciting journey.

For the thrill-seekers and first time boat renters alike, they bring a sense of adventure to every boat trip, be it a leisurely cruise or a fishing expedition. 

Next time you’re on the water, look out for these buoys – they’re not just markers, but gateways to your next great water adventure. Remember, in the world of boating, every buoy marks the beginning of a new story.

Navigation Buoy Decals

Decals are an additional charge. There are two identical decals with each order to ensure complete coverage and visibility of your chosen message.  

Our high-quality decals, made from UV enhanced material will stay visible for years and years to support your boating adventures. The vibrant red stays intact.  Trust AquaMax to elevate your navigation experience!

If you don’t see what you like, or if you want special reflective tape or other materials~

Simply give us a call!

What is a Navigation Buoy?

Here are some common questions related to Navigation Buoys and some resources to further your navigation and marine knowledge

What do the red and green markers indicate?  Find out @ Discover Boating

What are the 5 types of buoys?  

Learn about different markers:

  • Lateral Channel Marks

  • Cardinal Marks

  • Isolated Danger Marks

  • Special Marks

  • Safe Water Marks

  • New Danger Marks

Find out more at National Maritime College

Learn more about the California Markers System

  • Federal Lateral System
  • Main Channel Buoys
  • Aids to Navigation

This site has Additional Programs and Research for: 

  • Boating Safety
  • Clean Boating
  • Study Materials

An exceptional manual by the US Coast Guard, contains:

  • Navigation Rules (Rules of the Road)
  • The Essential Markers:  On the Water and on the Charts
  • US Aids to Navigation System
  • Boating at Night
  • Special Situations

US Aids to Navigation System

Happy Boating!!!

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