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Navigating Marine Hardware: A Guide to Sturdy and Reliable Construction

Welcome to the world of marine hardware, where durability meets design to keep your marine projects afloat and thriving. With our collection of heavy-duty galvanized steel hardware, your docks, and marine structures will not just survive the elements—they’ll excel. 

This Comes With Your Floating Dock Kit

marine hardware

The Complete Hardware Package

Comprehensive Kits: Everything you need, neatly packed. With 4 sets of corners, pins, nuts, bolts, and washers, as well as a set of Stringer L Brackets, bolts, nuts & washers (amount, if any, varies depending on width of dock.  The docks 6′ and wider will receive at least 4 sets).  And your assembly process is streamlined, from start to finish.

Each kit contains enough of the following to connect and secure all 4 corners.  The Marine Grade Hardware is made from:

  • Outside brackets also have 1/4” galvanized tabs, male and female, providing lateral strength and stability
  • Carriage bolts come standard with Nylok nuts that never loosen up!  
  • Each kit comes with 4 sets pins, nuts, bolts and washers to attach the corners and to the floats.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel
  • Brackets are 1/8″ on the inside corners and 3/16″ on the outside corners 
side plate with male tab

Side Plate with Male Tab

corner with male tab
corner plate with female tabs

Corner Plate with Female Tab

Extra Hardware

For those times when you need an extra piece of the puzzle

Double Female/Male Corner

Double Fem Male Corner Marine Hardware

Double Male/Male Corner

Double Male Corner Marine Hardware

Double Female/Female Corner

What about Marine Hardware for Your Gangway???

So many scenarios, so many solutions…

Of course, we all have a different land-to-water situation where we need a safe, attractive walkway from land to your dock haven.  Here is a plain corner set that would be great for the top of the gangway.  But how to attach you gangway to your dock?  Perhaps double corner sets above would work, or maybe you want a plain side with a male or female on the other side of the corner.

Plain Dock Corner with Hardware

Plain Corner Set

To secure a corner for a dock or a deck, this plain dock corner gives stability to an end corner.

Gangway with 4 Plain Corners

This 30′ Gangway leads to a large floating wooden dock.  This Gangway only requires 4 Plain Corner Sets for framing.

Due to the extreme 20′ fluctuation on this river somewhere in Canada, the base of the Gangway has wheels attached to an axel to keep things running smoothly and safely.

20' Gangway leading to a floating dock

All the quality parts you get with a Plain Corner Set, you get with the any Custom Corner Set.  Same Price!!  There are options to have one side plain and one side with either a male or a female tab. 

Because we want to ensure you get the right fit, give us a call and we will be happy to accommodate you!

Side Plates

An Added Option to Complete Your Puzzle

Female Side Plate

Female Side Plate

This set includes a single side plate, both inside and outside plates plus the carriage bolts and nuts to attach to the dock.  The plates are made with heavy duty galvanized steel.  This plate has a female tab on the outside plate.

Male Side Plate

This set includes a single side plate, both inside and outside plates plus the carriage bolts and nuts to attach to the dock.  The plates are made with heavy duty galvanized steel.  This plate has a male tab on the outside plate.

Male Side Plate

Here’s a rundown of what sets our marine hardware apart

Strong Materials for Stronger Projects

  • Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel: This isn’t your average material. It’s a rust-resistant, corrosion-fighting powerhouse that ensures your marine construction can weather any storm.

Engineered for Excellence

  • Robust Outside Brackets: Equipped with 1/4” galvanized tabs for that extra lateral support, making your structure as stable as it is strong.
  • Precision-Crafted Brackets: With 1/8″ thick brackets for the interior corners and 3/16″ for the exterior, we ensure your project has the support where it matters most.

Secure and Sound Fastening

  • Carriage Bolts and Nylok Nuts: Say goodbye to constant tightening. Our fastening system stays secure, keeping everything snugly in place.

Anchoring Plates

One More Plate Type to Consider!  

Left Anchor Tab

Corner with Left Anchor Tab

Use as and end corner to connect to mooring anchor screws.

Corner with Right Anchor Tab

Choose the Anchor Tab that enforces the best leverage and strength!

Right Anchor Tab

Anchor Tabs - 2-Piece Set

The tabs are made with 1/4” heavy duty galvanized steel.  Place anchor tabs every 16′ to secure your docks.

Anchor Tabs Set

Affordable Customized Pile Hoops and Sleeves Built to Last

For a Little More than a Corner Plate Set, Customized to Your Needs!

Male Piling Sleeve Corner

Male Pipe Hoop Corner

Female Piling Sleeve Corner

Female Pipe Hoop Corner

What size hoop or sleeve do you need?  On which side of the plate?  Male or female or plain?

Give Us a Call!!  We are here to give you the best experience in making your own beautiful dock haven at a price you can afford!!!

Building With Confidence

Our marine hardware is more than just a set of components; it’s the foundation for projects that last. Whether you’re a professional builder or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find our hardware not only meets but exceeds expectations, ensuring that your marine structures are as reliable as they are resilient.

Step into a world where every nut and bolt is a step towards lasting marine construction. With our hardware, you’re not just building; you’re creating legacies that withstand the test of time and tide.

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